Fast Food Vs. Regular Food

Tyler Wheeler  Period 7

Everyday people from all around the world eat at their local fast food place not knowing what they are truly eating. Because of the poor ways of making the food and the cheap ingredients, fast foods should be made healthier. In the following paragraphs you will read about the disadvantages and advantages to fast food.
First I will discuss the pros of fast food. Fast foods are made cheaply because more can be made and sold cheaper therefore feeding many that cannot afford other foods. Another reason fast foods are argued to be good is that they you can get a whole meal in just minutes and go back to doing whatever you had been doing before. Because of this time saver, you would not have to take an hour to prepare conventional foods and instead just order fast foods. Regular store bought foods cost more and usually take a longer time to make then fast foods. Sources for this information are and
Second I will discuss the cons of fast food. Fast foods are generally high in calories and fat which if consumed in excess can lead to obesity and various heart problems. Fast foods are not all that bad as long as they are eaten in moderation but for those they eat till they can’t eat no more, diabetes and heart disease become serious risks. Fast foods are dangerous to the health because of all of the unneeded additives that can do permanent damage to your health in the long run. Instead of eating fast food you should include a wide variety of foods in your diet to effectively gain all the nutrients you need.¬† Sources for this information are and
In summation, I think that fast foods are bad for your health but if unnecessary ingredients were taken out and the food prepared in a more healthful way fast food could be much less damaging to the body. The pros to fast food are that they are cheap and can be ordered and eaten within minutes. The cons of fast foods are that they cause diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and heart attacks.

3 thoughts on “Fast Food Vs. Regular Food

  1. I agree with you that if the right steps were taken to make fast food healthier, they would not be as bad to eat. Somehow there must be healthier ways to prepare fast food and healthier food options. I know that many fast food restaurants have included things such as fruit to their meals and cook in vegetable oil, but a question I have is why don’t all fast food restaurants do this? Good job on this article!

  2. I agree that fast foods are a time saver and are convienient. I also agree that they are extremely fattining and are of worthless nutritanol value. Well written article wheeler.

  3. Your essay could have been more persuasive if you would have given specific examples of food that are served at these fast food restaurants that are unhealthy to eat. Are there healthy choices at the fast food restaurants or is all the food unhealthy?

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