Refined Flour Vs. Whole Wheat Flour

Refined Flour Vs. Whole Wheat Flour

Ryan Maine

Did you know that the more refined foods someone eats, the higher chance he or she has to gain weight or to have heart disease? Most people aim for using all purpose white flour, even though it is very bad for you. Why would people do this?  While searching for information about white flour and whole wheat flour I learned many things. I learned that white flour has no nutritional value, and has been bleached. White flour does not have all of the nutrients whole wheat flour does. Every person who uses white flour should certainly switch to whole wheat flour immediately for a better diet.
Whole wheat flour on the other hand does have nutritional value. It is natural and there is no bleach added. Yes, the taste would be different, but the change would be healthier. People who use white flour have a bad diet, white flour does not give you what your body needs. It does give you something though, carbs. Carbs promote fat storage. White flour is an all around bad idea to use.
The makers of white flour bleach it so that bugs will not even want to go near it. If bugs want to keep away from white flour, imagine what it would do to humans. White flour leads to effects in our bodies. From refined foods, like white flour, people can get diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and can gain weight. With whole wheat flour none of this would happen. There would be good effects in our bodies with whole wheat flour.
According to white flour is also missing two very important parts of the seed: the bran layer, and the germ embryo. The more someone eats refined food, like white flour, the more insulin their body has to make. Insulin promotes the storage of fat. This leads way for rapid weight gain and elevated triglyceride levels, which can lead to heart disease. Eventually the pancreas gets overworked from producing so much insulin. It then stops producing insulin, and then the person develops diabetes. All of this for one tasty food does not sound like a good deal.
With white flour instead of whole wheat flour you would get no nutritional value, be eating a food that had been bleached, and be developing things like diabetes. With all of that in mind, people should consider using whole wheat flour instead of white flour. Instead of buying white flour while shopping, people should sacrifice a few dollars to eat healthier. Simply buy whole wheat flour instead of white flour. With this done, people can have a healthier tomorrow. Switching to whole wheat flour would not solve everything. People would also have to go on healthier diets, and stop eating out so much. Eating healthier and not choosing white flour would be a good solution to problems, and should certainly be considered.

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3 thoughts on “Refined Flour Vs. Whole Wheat Flour

  1. Nice job on the essay. I agree with what you have written about the fact that people should switch over to wheat flour. I did not know that they bleached the all purpose flour to keep bugs from getting into it. I also did not know that white flour is missing the bran layer and the germ embryo.

  2. You don’t really explain what kind of nutritional value whole wheat flour has over white flour. I agree that white flour has negative parts to it but what is in whole wheat that makes it better? What kind of effects does bleach have on our body? You state your opinion very clearly though.

  3. What is the specific nutritional value of whole wheat flour compared to white flour? You mentioned the cost of buying whole wheat flour, but did not detail the difference between buying white flour and whole wheat flour. Your essay would have been more effective if you would have pointed out these differences.

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